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29 Sep Radiators: Our main bedroom (previous owner extension) doesn't have a radiator in it for some reason, so we would like a quote for installing a radiator into the room. Cheap as possible please as planning to sell.

29 Sep Showers: Our power shower above the bath has stopped working entirely. Not sure if it's a plumbing problem or an electrical problem so would like a quote to fix or ultimately replace the shower to rectify the problem.

29 Sep Leaks: I can't access the back of the bath to stop a persistent leak when the taps are running. Currently limited to the shower so please quote soon for stopping the leak and removing the bath if necessary to access.

29 Sep Pipework: I can't for the life of me stop a leak from the main water inlet underneath the sink. Having tried new washers and putty I think it needs a new tap put in place by a professional. Cheapest quote gets the job.